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By Virtue 

By Virtue Fall -

Spring 2019


The Virtuous Fall of the Girls from Our Lady of Sorrows

By Gina Femia (SWP 2019 Writer-in-Residence)

Directed by: Blayze Teicher


Measure for Measure

By William Shakespeare

Directed by: Phoebe Brooks

Our seventh season explored the vital relationship between speech and power. Our production of Measure for Measure focused on women coming together to uncover a history of sexual harassment buried within the Justice System. Paired with the world premiere of The Virtuous Fall of the Girls from Our Lady of Sorrows, a hilarious exploration of teenage revolution in the face of petty authoritarianism, SWP's season re-examined a frustratingly timeless question: even if you speak the truth, who will believe you?

Mia Canter, Shavana Clarke, Alia Guidry, Ashil Lee, Renita Lewis, Blake Prentiss, Sarah Rosengarten, Pearl Shin, and Stephen Zuccaro

* Denotes SWP Company Member or Artist-in-Residence

Production Stage Manager: Frances Swanson* 

Production Manager: Emily Rosenkrantz*

Lighting Design: Yi-Chung Chen* 

Set Design: Lindsay Genevieve Fuori 

Sound Design: Carsen Joenk

Props Design: Megan McQueeney*

Press Representative: Emily Owens PR

Costume Design: Noelle Quanci 

Production Assistant: Eve Brunswick

Assistant Stage Manager (Virtuous Fall): Victoria A. Gelling

Assistant Stage Manager (Measure for Measure): Cafega Haynes-Rodriguez

Dream Season

Dream Season - 

Spring 2018

Merrily, Merrily -

By Iris Dauterman (SWP 2018 Writer-in-Residence)

Directed by: Victoria Teague

Life Is But a Dream -

Translated by Shawn Morgenlander

from Pedro Calderón de la Barca’s La vida es sueño 

Directed by: Anaïs Koivisto

Our 2018 Dream Season explored family dynamics, forgiveness, and the gray area between dreams and reality. Together, the two plays probed the recesses of our self-constructed bubbles and encourage us to judge the subjectivity of our own perceptions.


Nick Bombicino*, Patrick Chang, Veronique Jeanmarie, Katie Rose Krueger*, Dani Martineck, Isabelle Russo, and Stephen Zuccaro.​

*Member of Actors' Equity Association


# Denotes SWP Company Member  | + Denotes SWP Associated Artist

Production Stage Manager - Frances Swanson # 

Production Manager: Emily Rosenkrantz #

Set Designer: Caitlynn Barrett 

Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen +

Sound Designer: Carsen Joenk​

Props Designer: Megan McQueeney +

Costume Designer: Noelle Quanci 

Assistant Stage Manager (Merrily, Merrily) - Sara Nishimura

Assistant Stage Manager (Life Is But a Dream) - Madeline Pomaro

Reigning Women

Reigning Women - SPRING 2017

COULD THIS MEETING HAVE BEEN AN EMAIL - By Kristin Slaney (SWP 2017 Writer-in-Residence)

Mary Stuart - By Friedrich Schiller, Translated by Phoebe Brooks

Season Director: Phoebe Brooks

Our Reigning Women season explored the complex history of women in charge, finding both tragedy and hilarity in the journey from the dueling monarchs Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I to the working women chipping away at the glass ceiling in today's corporate culture. During the stark political aftermath of early 2017, these two plays investigated the timely questions of when - if ever- our society is finally ready to let women take control.

Set Design: Beth Svenningsen

Sound Design: Carsen Jewell Joenk

Costume Design: Danica Martino

Fight Choreographer: Jon Meyer

Production Stage Manager: Franny Swanson*

Assistant Directors: Niki Afsar, Nkenna Ibeakanma

Lighting Design: Yi-Chung Chen*

Graphics Design: Sophie Golomb

Props Design: Megan McQueeney

Featuring: Meghan Blakeman, Olivia Jampol, Sam Ogilvie, Jonathon Ryan, Dan Selinger, Pearl Shin, Nicholas Vasilios Pappas & Kimberlee Walker 


*Denotes SWP Artist-in-Residence


Tragislasher - SPRING 2016

Bonesetter: A Tragislasher

By Annette Storckman (Spicy Witch Productions' 2016 Writer-in-Residence)

Directed by Anaïs Koivisto

The Revenger's Tragedy

By Thomas Middleton

Directed by Rebecca Weiss

The #Tragislasher repertory season investigated gendered violence - exploring our darkest urges, while having fun along the way. Annette Storckman’s campy horror comedy reimagined "The Revenger's Tragedy" as a 1980s slasher flick, exploring the sexual politics that govern both horror movie tropes and the puritanical misogyny of Middleton's era.

Featuring: Clio Contogenis, Amelia Dudley, David Federman, Meghann Garmany, Isaac Allen Miller, Brandon O'Sullivan, Cristina Ramos, Matthew Schott, Kimberlee Walker, Alison Wien, and Madison Welterlen. 

*Denotes SWP Artist-in-Residence

Production Stage Manager: Frances Swanson*

Assistant Stage Manager / Assistant Director (Revenger's Tragedy): Niki Afsar

Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen*

Hair & Makeup Designer: Meagan Gorham

Props & Blood Designer: Megan McQueeney

Fight Choreographer: Jon Meyer

Set Designer: Caitlyn Murphy

Assistant Stage Manager / Assistant Director (Bonesetter): Elizabeth Power

Fight Captain: Christina Ramos

Costume Designer: Alexandra Rozansky

Sound Designer: Andrew Tarr

The Cuntry Wife

The Cuntry Wife - FALL 2015


The Cunt by Elle Anhorn (SWP Writer-in-Residence 2015)

Directed by Francesca DiCesare


The Country Wife by William Wycherley

Directed by Phoebe Brooks


The "Cuntry Wife" repertory season explored sexual freedom, gender fluidity and the rules and boundaries of monogamy. Our inaugural Playwright in Residence season paired a genderqueer interpretation of The Country Wife, a classic Restoration Comedy, with the world premiere of The Cunt by Elle Anhorn, a burlesque-filled adaptation of Wycherley's play set in contemporary Brooklyn. 


Featuring: Zach Bryant, Amanda Ebert, Katie Fanning, Kristin Guerin, Tim Haber, Hannah Hammel, Zach Libresco, Isaac Miller, Kat Murphy, and Samantha Nugent

Production Stage Manager: Frances Swanson

Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen

Hair & Makeup Designer: Meagan Gorham

Props Designer: Mariya Sudarska

Set Designer: Robert Burszytn

Assistant Stage Manager: Chiara Johnson

Costume Designer: Alexandra Rozansky

Sound Designer: Andrew Tarr

Projections Designer: Caleb Sharp

Un-Rom Coms

Un-Rom Coms - FALL 2014


Two Gentlemen of Verona 

Directed by Meghan Blakeman


Becky Shaw by Gina Gionfriddo

Directed by Phoebe Brooks


The Spicy Witches take on beauty, appearance, and the choices women make when faced with judgement from the opposite sex in these two bittersweet comedies.


Who is Silvia 

Music by Nick Bombicino for Two Gentlemen of Verona


Performed by: John Hardin (Proteus), Maren Fischer (Thurio), Mia Canter (Julia), and Kelly Karcher (Silvia)



The White Wife Series
The White Wife Series - Fall 2013


Directed by Rebecca Weiss


Desdemona: A Play About A Handkerchief by Paula Vogel

Directed by Sarah Lemanski

Our first season paired Shakespeare's Othello, performed by an all-female cast, and Paula Vogel's Desdemona: A Play About A Handkerchief.  By pairing the plays together and having actresses play the same parts in both plays, we investigated themes of the female voice, the public and private spheres, and our gendered and non-gendered views of deception, lying, jealousy, and status. 

Meghan Blakeman, Gianna Cioffi, Hannah Giddings,  Hannah Hammel, Lee Ann Hoover, Sarah Lemanski, Katie Medved, Victoria Nassif, Isabelle Russo, and Monique St. Cyr

The White Wife: A Reading
The White Wife:
A Reading

Our inaugural event consisted of a combined reading of portions of Othello and Desdemona: A Play About a Handkercheif, featuring an all-female cast. By juxtosposing both shows within the same time frame, the reading gave new life to examinations of reputation, jealousy, status, and competition in both plays.

Directed by Rebecca Weiss and Sarah Lemanski 

OTHELLO: JoLisa Jones
DESDEMONA: Isabelle Russo
IAGO: Sarah Lemanski
EMILIA: Meghan Blakeman 
CASSIO: Gianna Cioffi
BIANCA: Hannah Hammel 
LODOVICO: Camilla Skoglie 

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